Privacy Policy

Our organisation takes personal data privacy extremely seriously. Regulation 2016/679 (also known as “GDPR”), we would like to inform you about how we process personal data in our company.

Who is the controller of your personal data?

The controller chooses the purpose and means of processing your personal data alone or in partnership with others.
Iron and Aesthetics Medical Technologies s.r.o., I 2895504, 57 Newgate Street, IXWORTH THORPE IP31 5GX (hence „Iron and Aesthetics“) is the controller of your personal data.
57 Newgate Street, IXWORTH THORPE IP31 5GX, [email protected]

Does Iron and Aesthetics have legal implications?

Please choose one of the following:
1. I work (or a family member of an employee)
2. I am a job seeker
3. Client (a purchaser of goods or services, e.g. a doctor, who has bought one of our devices)
4. I sell goods or services.
5. My clinical investigation is underway.
6. Patient with informed permission to usability testing
7. I am a patient who has evaluated a gadget or treatment.
8. I’m a tech
9. I am a device tester or a device subject.
10. I am an out-of-town guest or travelling with Iron and Aesthetics.
11. I am a model.
12. My job title is “designer”, “doctor”, etc (The copyright concerns me)
13. I get business reports


This notice is to notify all persons whose personal data is being processed of their rights under the GDPR.


You have the right to data access.
You have the right to request the deletion or limitation of your personal data. You have the right to object to its processing and to its portability. You can then ask the controller to remedy any inaccuracies or omission
You can make a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection (Pplk. Sochora 27, Prague 7, 170 00, Czech Republic).

ACCESS RIGHT (article 15 of the Regulation)

You have the right to request confirmation from Iron and Aesthetics that your data is being processed and, if so, access to it.
Any personal data processed by Iron and Aesthetics may be requested. Extra copies may be subject to an administrative fee.

CORRECTION RIGHT (article 16 of the Regulation)

You have the right to remedy any inaccuracies in your personal data. Consider the processing goals and your right to complete incomplete personal data.

THE DELETION RIGHT (article 17 of the Regulation)

Demanding erasure of personal data is legal if one of the following grounds is given:
a)Your personal data are no longer required for the purposes for which they were collected or processed;
b)You have withdrawn your consent to processing and there is no other legal reason for processing; c)You have objected to processing pursuant to Article 21, paragraph 1 of the Regulation
d)There are no legitimate reasons for processing;
e)Your personal data must be erased to comply with legal responsibilities stipulated in European Union legislation or the law of its member states relating to Iron and Aesthetics.
If processing your personal data is required for the following reasons:
a) to exercise freedom of expression and information
b) to comply with a legal requirement relating to Iron and Aesthetics. Or to do a duty in the public interest or while exercising public power, if Iron and Aesthetics is allocated such a task (article 89, paragraph 1 of the Regulation)
comprehend, act on, or protect legal rights

PORTABILITY RIGHT (article 20 of the Regulation)

Right to get personal data in organised, generally used, and transferable format. You may also ask Iron and Aesthetics to transfer your data to another controller if the processing is based on your permission (article 6, paragraph 1, point a), or a contract (article 6, paragraph 1, point b).

OPPOSE (article 21 of the regulation)

You have the right to object to Iron and Aesthetics processing of your personal data based on article 6, paragraph 1, point e) or f) of the Regulation, including profiling. The processing of your personal data by Iron and Aesthetics will cease if there are no valid reasons for doing so. These reasons must trump your rights.
Your personal data will no longer be processed for direct marketing purposes.

SECURITY BREACH NOTIFICATION (article 34 of the Regulation)

Iron and Aesthetics shall tell you promptly if a data security breach puts your rights and freedoms in jeopardy.